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Upper School Culture » Etiquette Class and Knight Night

Etiquette Class and Knight Night

Believing that our MCA students will go to places far and wide from Midland, the etiquette class was developed to help our students go forth with confidence and class. The word “etiquette” is derived from the French and literally means “ticket”. Practicing etiquette, commonly called good manners, can be your ticket in the door. Etiquette class is a practical and fun learning environment for the student to become skilled in how to respond in almost any situation. Our speakers are community leaders who are at the top of their game in the areas of college and job interviews, meal time etiquette, chivalry, correspondence, proper dress for various situations, and conversational finesse. The goal of this hands-on class is to provide enough information for the student to be confident in any situation whether that is a friend’s backyard barbeque or an invitation to a White House dinner!
The culmination of this class is Knight Night. This Junior-Senior Banquet is a separate celebration honoring our seniors and recognizing the junior year in Etiquette. The only requirement for this dinner and festivity is the student’s participation in Etiquette Class during the junior year. This dress-up affair is a night not to be missed and a night younger students look forward to.