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Senior Orals » Senior Thesis

Senior Thesis

2024 Senior Thesis

Senior thesis presentations will occur April 29 - May 3, 2024 in the Upper School Library. All presentations are open to the public. Only children who can remain seated and quiet throughout the 1-hour presentation should attend. Presentations will begin promptly on time. Please arrive early. Doors will be locked during presentations.
All presentations will be streamed live on KnightTV and recorded.

2024 Senior Thesis Schedule

Date & Time Senior Thesis
Monday, April 29
8:00  Sienna Velasquez How Hurry Hinders Us
9:30 Cody Munoz Failing Forward
11:00 Rhett Snider Do Hard Things
11:45 Lunch  
1:15 Carlee Britton Conversation Skills Amid Impatience and Narcissism
2:45 Merritt Blong Joyfully Just Do It
4:15 Evyn Berridge God's Perfect Design
5:45 Nathan Swallow Living in the Spirit and Out of the Spotlight
Tuesday, April 30
8:00  Kam Armstead Identity in Christ Throughout Life
9:30 Jude Stephens Apathy…That was a Lot of Work
11:00 Levi Lacy Ethically Artificial: Navigating AI's Moral Maze
11:45 Lunch  
1:15 Jonah Stephens Purpose Found
2:45 Brock Richardson Small Changes Make the Greatest Difference
4:15 Canyon Ryden The Healing Power of Nature
5:45 Kaleb Weeks Brotherhood
Wednesday, May 1
8:00  Joel Doke Ideal Approach to Mental Health
9:30 Frida Gonzalez Can Love Cause Pain?
11:00 Jaci Williams Unforgiveness Is a Poison
11:45 Lunch  
1:15 Susan Schulz The Heart of Worship
2:45 Jonathan Agnew Kindness or Niceness
4:15 Julia Schulz Spiritual Warfare at Work
5:45 Bethany Tate Saving Women's Sports
Thursday, May 2
8:00  Olivia McRee Glorifying God Through Community
9:30 Ayla Folmer Dopamine Detox: Resting in the Lord
11:00 Afton Bundy Introverted Leaders Guide to Leading in a Loud World
11:45 Lunch  
1:15 Konnor Benton The Word to the Wise
2:45 Kambree Lawdermilk Respecting Biblical Gender Roles
4:15 Josh Sturdivant The Work of His Hands
5:45 Anthony Scaglione Who's Your Authority?
Friday, May 3
9:30 Abigail Tyner The Father Heart of God
11:00 Jace Weger Managing Freedom
11:45 Lunch  
2:45 Mialynn Cochran  Embracing Neurodiversity
4:15 Georgi Shoumaroff Simple Love has Saved Us
5:45 Mia Bryant Reality through the Lens of Story
2023 Senior Thesis Schedule
Date & Time Senior Thesis
Monday, May 1
8:00  Simi Stilwell Achieving Restoration Through Holistic Health
9:45  Libby Ann Sparks Nostalgia
11:30 Skyler Ryden How to Passionately Smash Every Expectation 
12:30 Lunch  
2:00 Daniel Christopher The Difficulty of Pride
3:45 Kenedi Carter The Devil’s Greatest Weapon
5:30 Annie Pendergrass Neither Hot Nor Cold
7:15 Jacob Bell Lead Us Not Into Temptation
Tuesday, May 2
8:00  Emma Beth Miller A Life-Changing Relationship with the Holy Spirit
9:45  Nathan Bell A Christian’s Guide to Homosexuality
11:30 Breck McDuffey Breaking a Broken Mindset
12:30 Lunch  
2:00 Logan Acuff Being the Light of Christ
3:45 Hannah Littleton Are You an Idolator?
5:30 Kaylea Littleton Resolving Conflict in Dismissive World
7:15 Revyn Strong Leading Authentically
Wednesday, May 3
8:00  Sarah Friedman Emotionally Healthy Spirituality
9:45  Kylie Menasco Doubt: Making the Wall That Blocks God Out Into a Bridge Which Brings Us Closer to Him
11:30 Brett Beran Long Obedience in the Same Direction
12:30 Lunch  
2:00 Reagan Layh Cultivating Excellence
3:45 Cameron Pool Helping Others Through Understanding
5:30 Tavin Jones Navigating the Healthcare System
Thursday, May 4
8:00  Annalee Dunn Why Are We Lonely?
9:45  Melissa Fu Restoring Vibrancy of Humanity Through Literacy
11:30 Grayson Skiles The Growing Presence of Social Anxiety
12:30 Lunch  
2:00 Parke Swallow Overcoming a Heart of Stone
3:45 Evan Lopez Stoicism in the Light of Christ
5:30 Thaden West Competition from a Christian Perspective
7:15 Ava Smith Hidden Scars: Effects of Child Abuse
Friday, May 5
8:00  Leslie Carrigan Bridging Gaps in Politics
9:45  Miles Fisher A World of Imitation
11:30 Diana Keeler Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food
12:30 Lunch  
2:00 Hannah Patterson Trust the Lord in His Perfection
3:45 Dane Rundgren The Humility of Connection
5:30 Emily Crawford Imago Dei in the Special Needs Community
7:15 Dalton Meeker Truth: The Harmonizing of Reason and Emotion
Click on the topic for a direct link to each livestream.
Monday, April 25
8:00 am Harper Hightower Receiving Rest Through the Sabbath
9:45 am Paytan Parham A Life Well-Lived (in honor of the life of Presley)
11:30 am Kyle Martinez Stewardship & Animal Conservation
12:30 pm Lunch  
1:30  pm Jake Culbert Why We Should Follow the Constitution
3:15  pm Jules Dent Criminal Justice System on Trial
5:00 pm Lucas Lacy God’s Beauty in a Dark Universe
6:45 pm Ava Speer Death: Bringing Clarity of Purpose to Life
Tuesday, April 26
8:00 am Elise Grigsby Forgotten Battlefield
9:45 am Avery Struble Re-Envisioning Femininity
11:30 am Maddy Hunter Motivation vs. Discipline
12:30 pm Lunch  
1:30  pm Jason Cochran Wholistic Approach to Mental Health
3:15  pm Madison Cowan Cultivating Biblical Confidence
5:00 pm Callie Doke Honest Communication 
6:45 pm Paul McMillian Living as Christ Would
Wednesday, April 27
8:00 am Kyler Kirk Abandoning Mediocrity
9:45 am Jared Wacker Struggles as Opportunities 
11:30 am Peter Goeke Pursuing Knowledge and Balancing Emotion
12:30 pm Lunch  
1:30  pm Grayson Layh Battling Depression
3:15  pm Hannah Glover Thy Will or My Will 
5:00 pm Victoria Alvarado The Gift of Struggle
6:45 pm Ryan Sturdivant  Seeing Perspectives to Better Communication
Thursday, April 28
8:00 am Jasper Williams Developing Godly Relationships in the Outdoors
9:45 am Caedmon Echols The Forgotten Art of Chivalry
11:30 am Bennett Casey Racial Conversations in Reality
12:30 pm Lunch  
1:30  pm Hagan Berridge What is a Leader?
3:15  pm Abigail Cain The Healing of a Divided Nation
5:00 pm Garrett Kelly  Sharing the Gospel in the Face of Compromise
6:45 pm Emma Westfall  Created to Feel
Friday, April 29
8:00 am Clayton Kelly Faithfulness in the Valleys
9:45 am Luke Elliott Christian Disciplines
11:30 am Josh Patterson Music in the Mind
12:30 pm Lunch  
1:30 pm Cort Miller Finding Satisfaction Through Faith
3:15 pm Cameron Pipkin Question That Which You Don’t Understand



  Monday, April 26
8:30 am Jake Englestad, The Sanguine Stoic
10:30 am Abby Pendergrass, What is Your Plan?
12:30 pm Kacy Miller, The Virtue of Argument
2:30 pm Frances Goeke, In the World, Not of the World
4:30 pm Madelynn Marecle, Attitude of Gratitude
  Tuesday, April 27
8:30 am Drew Littleton, Hope and Motivation in Trial
10:30 am Anelise Candia, Finding Freedom and Identity and Christ
12:30 pm Rachael Harper, Living the Story-Formed Life
2:30 pm Marin Casey, Why Desires Influence our Search for Truth
4:30 pm Kenna Bayley, Competition in a Christian Life
  Wednesday, April 28
8:30 am Gabe Beattie, The Beautiful Path
10:30 am Leah Speed, Who Needs a Hero?
12:30 pm Nate McQueen, Effects of Film on Culture and the Individual
2:30 pm Brooke Benson, Different Paths to Connect with God
4:30 pm Addi Todd, Fostering Hope
  Thursday, April 29
10:30 am Alexander Agnew, Restoration of a Christian World
Monday 4/20/20
10:30 - Leia Beattie “Emotions as God Intended”
1:30 - Jennifer Coco “ Unique Conscience of Psychopaths”
3:30 - Grant Berridge “Boldness for Christ in a World of Conformity”
Tuesday 4/21/20
8:30 - Melissa Weaver “The Christian Response to Homelessness”
10:30 - Kaleigh Boyt “Renewing Your Mind”
1:30 - Chloe Parker “ The Purest Love”
3:30 - Kori Kirk “ A Gift to be Given”
Wednesday 4/22/20
10:30 - Caleb Patterson “ Facing Your Fears”
1:30 - Caden Corzine “Life Together”
3:30 - Cass Covert “Objectivity of Truth”
Thursday 4/23/20
8:30 - Levi Hoffman “Power of Fitness in the Mind, Body and Spirit”
10:30 - David Harper “How Not to Lose a Culture War”
1:30 - Nik Telschow “Toxic Masculinity”
3:30 - Jessie Barrett “Technology: Helpful or Harmful?”
Friday 4/24/20
10:30 - Luke Glover “Service and Its Hidden Purpose”
DeLaney Beattie "Creatures of Story"
William Berry "Traditions and Progress in the Modern World"
Lauren Boyt “Silent Seasons”
Savannah Cain “Ripping off the Band Aid”
Stephen Calverley “The Greatest Commandment”
Ethan Childers “To Think or Not to Think”
Julia Cloyd “Overcoming the Grip of Shame”
Jackie Copley "The Whole Heart"
Cailin Culbert "On Science and the Supernatural"
Genevieve Daniels "The Challenges of Loving Others"
Kyle Driver “Science Points to the Existence of God”
Conrey Echols “The Beauty of Water”
Aaron Giffin "The Rewards of Perseverance"
Hallee Hightower “Living Abundantly Amidst Giants”
Christian Kennard "The Living Gifts"
Jon Michael Markgraf "The Enduring Art of Leadership"
Josiah McDougall “God’s Purpose for Evil”
Cole Miller "Following Opportunity Instead of Passion"
Lizabelle Russell "The Fight for Understanding"
Laura Kate Sparks “Winnie the Pooh and Optimism Too”
Kate Stallings “Stretch to Strengthen”
Cammie Stokes “The Beautiful Life” 
Grace Weatherl "Even As I Have Loved You"
Phoebe Westfall "Biblical Submission and the Path to Freedom"
Please note: senior orals are made available with parental permission