Midland Classical Academy

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Tuition & Fees


Upper School (7th-12th)

Tuition - $8,950

Upper School tuition includes the full cost of the High School Retreat as well as the cost of the Junior Trip (excluding a deposit and travel expenses) for eligible students.

Upper School incidental fees will be charged intermittently throughout the year. (See sidebar at right. Subject to change until August 15)


Grammar School (K-6th)


Core Classes - $4,175

Friday Classes (optional)
     $420 - Science + 2 classes (electives chosen from list)
     $210 - optional additional Math Lab (4th, 5th, 6th grades only)

Grammar School Total (Core + Friday) -  $4,595 ($4,805 with Math Lab)

Grammar School Consumables fees are dependent upon grade level and Friday classes, and are due in June (average of $400-$700).


Payment Calendar & Billing Information

All Tuition & Fees, including payment in full, will be processed through the FACTS Management Co. 

April - Tuition Payment-in-Full or First Monthly Tuition Payment drafted

May - No regularly scheduled draft for monthly tuition.

June - MCAG Consumables Fees drafted (average of $400-$700)

July - March - Remaining Nine Monthly Tuition Payments drafted

Incidental Billing for Upper School happens on a monthly basis as needed.(See current Student Consumable Fee Schedule as an example.)

FACTS Management Co. and RenWeb are one company. You are able to go directly to the FACTS website through your FACTS Family (Parent Account). You will find it located under “Family Information” where you will select “Tuition Plans”.

During the Enrollment/Reenrollment process you will be taken to the FACTS website to update your information and choose your payment plan. If you have not gone to FACTS through RenWeb previously, you will be required to put in your FACTS username and password.