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Upper School Strategy » Honors Credit

Honors Credit

Mastery with Honors

Midland Classical Academy offers honors credit, referred to as “Mastery with Honors”, but we offer no “honors” classes.

From a practical standpoint we do not have the staff to teach multiple levels of credit, but more importantly, we have at least two philosophical reasons for this as well.  First, we do not wish to segregate “so-called smart-students” from “average students” because this does not promote unity and inclusive relationships. Second, we desire our honors students to stretch out, take initiative, and enhance their abilities to teach themselves and serve others. 

Mastery with Honors credit is given to those students who

  • receive a minimum grade of 92.5 at the end of each semester
  • receive a minimum participation grade of 85 at the end of each semester
  • demonstrate character befitting an honors student (1 Corinthians 10:31)
  • complete a tutor-approved, 20+ hour project that advances the student’s knowledge or skills in the subject while serving either the school or the community in some capacity.

As a student fulfills these requirements in a class at MCA they receive a Mastery with Honors designated by an “MH” for the class. Mastery with Honor applications and a nominal fee are due at the end of October. The projects themselves are due at the end of March with a two scheduled check-points in between the application and final deadline. 

We have found that awarding honors credit this way engages student’s minds and incentivizes the development of values such as love of learning, self-governance, academic excellence, and service to others.   

Honor Roll

Midland Classical Academy places students on the honor roll who have received three or more “MH” credits in a single school year while mastering (85% or above) all six of their classes.

Graduating with Honors

Students graduate with Honors from Midland Classical Academy if they have met the normal graduation requirements and made the honor roll four out of five years during 8th-12th grade.