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Textbook Fines Begin Tuesday, March 19

All textbooks are due as soon as you are finished with them. Please ask your tutors if you are not certain which books need to be returned. Fines will begin Tuesday, March 19 after Spring Break on the following textbooks.  

You should NOT write in any textbooks, so if for some reason you have written in or underlined in any book you must erase all the marks before returning the book. Otherwise, you will be fined. (See MCA Handbook Textbook Policy.)

Textbooks Due: (Sorted by Grade Level)

Book Class-Grade
The Chronicles of Narnia (all books) CF-7th
Oresteia GB 1-8th
Romeo and Juliet GB 2-9th
A Christmas Carol GB 2-9th
City of God World History/Geography I-9th
Foxes Book of Martyrs World History/Geography I-9th
Prince GB 3-10th
Divine Comedy - Purgatory GB 3-10th
Communist Manifesto World History/Geography II-10th
Ess. Of European History 1789-1848 World History/Geography II-10th
Ess. Of U. S. Hist. 1841-1877 World History/Geography II-10th
Great Speeches Am. Hist.-11th
Creating Fine Arts I-11th
Faust GB 4-11th
Pensees GB 4-11th
Bhagavadgita Apol-12th
Koran Apol-12th
Astronomy Binder Astronomy-12th
Wealth of Nations Gov./Econ-12th
Brave New World Apologetics-12th
Mormonism Apologetics-12th

Contact Mrs. Battenfield, nbattenfield@mcaknights.org, or Mrs. Sturdivant, csturdivant@mcaknights.org.