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Upper Parent Service Hour Deadline May 1

WEDNESDAY, MAY 1 is the deadline for Upper School parents to record service hours. Exceptions to this date may be permitted only by Mrs. Doan or Mrs. Gilbert. You must contact them for permission prior to May 1!

Remember, parents should record their service hours in the binder in the Front Office. Parents only (not students) may also email their hours to upperservicehours@mcaknights.org, and staff will record them in the binder. Students should record their own service hours.

If parents decline or are not able to fulfill their service hours for any given reason for the year, they will be required to pay $20.00/Upper School hour and $10.00/Grammar School hour to defray the cost of their absence. The fee for unserved service hours will be deducted from family FACTS accounts in May. 

Parent Service Hour Agreement




Upper School ONLY Parents

50 hours/year (5 hrs./month)

$1000 ($20/hour)

Grammar School ONLY Parents

30 hours/year (3 hrs./month)

$300 ($10/hour)

BOTH Grammar & Upper School Parents

Upper: 40 hours/year (4 hrs./month)

Grammar: 20 hours/year (2 hrs./mo.)

$800 ($20/hour)

$200 ($10/hour)

$1000 Total